Custom and contractual packing of single portion bags

Dear business friends,

please allow us to offer you services in our new showroom of packing and labelling machines. Using the latest technologies (horizontal packing machine ROVEMA HVS 100- 140) we offer our customers packing of tablets, powdered and liquid products into single portion bags.

It is possible to print and label the bags during packing on demand and small series production is also possible.

The packing is suitable e.g. for various nutritional supplements, bath salts, washing detergents, disinfectants, ketchups, mustards, shampoos, gels, creams, conditioners, juices, tablets, candies, etc. Our products find great use in advertising as sample packages of individual products for inserting into magazines, distribution at promotional events, etc.

The packing machine ROVEMA HVS 100- 140 offers the possibility of packing into flat bags with 3 or 4 welds, with content from 0,5 ml. It is possible to pack into any packing material that is weldable.

Bag dimensions:

width: 45 - 140 mm
height: 40 - 120 mm

We could also provide for the manufacturing of suitable packing foil, manipulation with finished bags (hand packing into boxes and cartons, labelling and printing of cartons) printing of the bags themselves right during the packing process, etc.