Application of five rolling labellers CLP 100 for labelling bicycle tubes is an example of using the most suitable labelling principle for a given application.
Simplicity and reliability of this labelling equipment principle is the main advantage for such a demanding use.
Labelling of plastic fixation tapes by the rolling labeller MINI CODER is another application, where the simplicity and reliability of the rolling principle of labelling perfectly suit the need to label fixation tapes.
HSA Desktop Printer Conveyor assures outstanding quality of the printing at high speeds thanks to the use of HP TIJ 2.5 technology To get a perfect print, the transport of paper or mediat that is printed on, must be precise. For a typical off-line solution is the HS 600 printer equipped with guiding wheels that hold the paper (cardboard) in the right place. The paper is then moded on the desktop printer by 5 belts and 2 vacuum chambers that provide for precise transport during printing. Printing with high resolution up to 600 x600 DPI is possible thanks to the HP printing heads.

Using the strong, reliable and precise transport unit, this multifunctional vacuum unit is available in 2 sizes to cover the printing needs for envelopes, magazines, paper, corrugated cardboard, etc.
Mail Table is equipped with 5 individually operated vacuum sections. The divided vacuum system allows for printing on paper of any size and shape including very long pieces.

Forwarding, Pharmacy, cosmetic companies and other industries that need to handle non-bonded materials that aren't in rolls. Control the handling of sheets, leaflets, promotional leaflets, manuals, etc.
  • In automatic packing lines
  • In packing machines (L-wrappers, flow-pack, etc.)
  • For handling promotional leaflets. Lotteries etc.
  • For placing above the doser of multi-head-storage.
  • Handling of groups (feeder with pre-selection)
  • Feeders over conveyors with envelopes, labels, cardboard, etc.
it is also possible to feed in vertical direction eg. on cardboard boxes etc.

Wine, liquors, luncheon vouchers, bills, cosmetic, pharmaceutical leaflets, offices and other.
Machine for marking labels, boxes, leaflets, cartons, envelopes, etc. batch numbers, data, texts, etc.

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