Contactless labelling by ink-jet printers is a modern method of labelling products during the packaging process. There are already four basic principles of labelling in the ink-jet group and we are able to offer them to you from renowned manufacturers HSA Systems; ZANASI and KORTHO.

CIJ printers that work on the principle of continuous stream of individual droplets, which are accurately diverted in the printing head by electromagnetic field. This technology is suitable for labelling the products by simple texts, codes, production dates, best before dates and barcodes and 2D codes. This solution could also provide light labelling by pigment inks on dark substrate.

A technology working on the piezo-electrical principle - these are the printers labelled as HR for high resolution printing. These printers have resolution up to 185dpi and the print seems sharp to the human eye. They are only suitable for absorbing and porous material, as they are used with oil based inks. But this technology allows printing large amounts of data, graphic logos, pictures, barcodes and texts.

A new possibility in the field of industrial labelling is the use of HP technology known from the classic inkjet printers for PC. But HP cartridges are adapted for printing onto various surfaces not only by using different inks, but also by the possibility to set various printing parameters. Incredible print quality up to 600x600DPI together with fast drying colours allows to print logos, 2D codes and any other texts with unparalleled ease and platitude up to the print width of 4”. The whole ink system and printing head is a normal HP cartridge that easily exchangeable or it is sufficient to just wipe it and everything is prepared for printing again. Easy maintenance, low purchase price and negligible ink consumption make this principle a choice of future.

The last group of ink-jet printers currently used industrially are the DOD (drop on demand) printers. With these classic inkjet printers, the text consists from large drops visible for the eye. This old, but very effective technology is suitable for rough operations for printing larger characters.

If you want a clear or just partially pre-printed packing material (foil, paper, cardboard, aluminium, etc) and supplement it with changing information, the thermotransfer printing is an ideal solution. It is possible to print also the whole area and in various combinations. Modern TTR printers communication with PC have in their memory dozens of statements, logos, barcodes, 2D codes, current date, time, etc.
If you have completely printed packaging material and you want only to fill in the changing information about the manufacturing and best before dates, or adding another printed information, the Thermal print (hot stapling by metal characters), or Hot Quick Coder (labelling with silicone characters) the ideal solution. It is also possible to print on the whole area using magnesium printing plates and in various combinations. The performance is many times faster, than the performance of the packing machine; reliability is high and maintenance minimum, which make this principle the long time most user-friendly and cheapest labelling principle.
Especially in automotive industry, but not only there, is much used dot labelling for labelling good or bad pieces at control stations, labelling of detected errors, lengths, etc. The machines cooperate with the control PC (PLC) in any printing orientation at high speed and also with long intervals between printing. Printing with various colours and UV inks, adjustable size of the labelled point, both contact and contactless principles.
Rolling ink coders and labellers are meant for simple labelling of cardboard, foils, wood, hoses, bags, carpets, plastic or metal parts, plastic foils, nonwoven fabrics, etc. Choice of inks according to the labelled surface (adsorbing / non-absorbing) materials. Works reliably in every labelling or packing process even at high speeds. Low investment machines are the ideal solution in places, where the printing is consistent and repeated in regular intervals.
We provide all the consumables for the whole range of labelling and marking machines.
  • Single use and refillable industrial marking pens
  • Refillable markers with valve
  • High speed capillary refillable markers

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