We provide all the consumables for the whole range of labelling and marking machines.
Coding foils of this pigment line are meant for printing of packagings and other product using printers using hot stamping. They are most often used to print the date of production and the best before date, shift numbers or technical information about the product, etc.

Use in machines e.g. Sellier & Bellot, Astro, Mašek, Hesser, Velteko, Rovema, Kortho, Markem, Allen, Multivack, Custner, Simplex, IMA, Open Date, Compacte, Seci Printer, etc.
We supply thermotransfer foils - suitable for almost all TTR printers. According to the desired properties (resistance against abrasion, scratches, heat or thinners) it is necessary to choose the suitable type and composition of the tape pigment. We will produce the direction of roll-up, lead-in foils, width and roll-up according to your demands.

Use on printers e.g. Kortho, Markem, Open Date, Sato, Datamax, TEC, Zebra, Godex, Imaje, Citizen, Avery, Monarch, Intermec, Jaguar, SmartDate, Videojet, Linx, Soabar, Novexx, Printronix, Valentin etc.
Use in machines such as e.g. Varotec, Markem, Kortho, Maky, EDM, Norwood, Dato Flash, Dato Pack, Imaje, Bralpack, D.Faingold, Markotech, Allen, Elmo etc.
The whole range of supplied inks and colours for marking into various principle markers is divided according to the speed of drying, use, and porosity of the marked surface.
These letters and printing plates are used on printers Markem, Kortho, Avery, Jones, Kwik–Lock, Concave, Schmidt, Arenco, T-Type, Doboy, EDM, Norwood, Dato Flash, Open Date, Dato Pack, Imaje, Bralpack, D.Faingold, Markotech, Allen, Elmo, Maky, etc.
Ribtype rubber letters allow you to easily change the printed information on cartons, packagings and products. Every piece of rubber character has grooves in the back and thus could be pushed into the grooved rubber on your marking equipment (the principle of rubber velcro). Such letters and printing blocks are used into rolling coding equipment, hand printers and stamps, which are equipped with the basic grooved rubber. Rubber characters RIBtype® are compatible with the labels Telos®, Posta® and Tiflex® produced in Europe.
Various types of ink rolls are used in rolling markers for both absorbing and non-absorbing materials. We supply the rolls in a variety of widths, internal and external diameters, tailored to the customer's requirements. The rolls could be purchased as single use or it is possible to feed them from ink reservoirs in the rolling coding machine.
Foil from glass and aramide fabrics, with PTFE or silicone coating for technically challenging applications up to the temperatures of 260°C. Supplies are possible in various thicknesses with one side contact glue.

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