Industrial labelling and marking

Contactless labelling by inkjet printers is a modern method of printing on various products while moving or stationary. It is possible to print dates, batch numbers, logos, bar and 2D codes. Many printer principles allow printing on both porous and non-porous surfaces. The contact printer, hot stamping and thermotransfer print labelling is much used in the packing process. Modern coding machines use the HOTINK ROLLS. It is possible to label when moving and when stationary.

Accessories as metal stamps and printing plates, rubber character sets, water, alcohol, ketone and oil based colours, pigment stamping tapes, TTR tapes and thermal colouring rolls are also an integral part of our offer.

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Packing machines

Rovema packing machines are synonymous for precise packing of products according to the lates European trends. If you pack small items, loose or powdered materials or maybe something liquid into bags, sacks, boxes or of you need group packing, the top packing technology from the ROVEMA Verpackungsmachinen GmbH company is here for you. Our machines have high reliability, very high performances, build quality and they are precise during packing.

ROVEMA offers complete packing from individual intakes, including project control, manufacturing, installation up to the putting into operation at the customer's place with complete warrant and after-warranty service.

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Industrial applications

Automotive industry

For labelling cables and bowdens we use inkjet and hot stamping. Radius printing plates are manufactured according to the diameter of printed-on bowdens, they offer high print sharpness. To label the parts at control stations, the point spraying or HOT QUICK CODER are suitable. it is possible to choose colour. Nonwoven fabrics are labelled during manufacturing by rolling labellers.

Food production

Packing machines with both continuous and stepping movement of the packing foil are lately equipped by intelligent TTR printers. There is great demand both for small printers that fill in the production date / best before date, time and batch number, and the whole area printers that are able to print all necessary texts and change them fast - e.g. various language options.

Packing foils

When manufacturing LDPE, HDPE, PP and stretch foils, it is most suitable to print various recycling signs and logos using rolling  markers wit very fast drying colours. Machines are also suitable for high speed use 150-200 m/min with several colour refilling principles. It is also possible to print on metal, wood, paper, etc. 

Pharmaceutical production

For high speeds of filling and packing lines during the production of medicaments are perfectly suitable the thermal printers from the Dutch manufacturer BV KORTHOFAH with performances of up to 500 prints/min. Thermotransfer printing with 300 dpi resolution is a suitable alternative for whole area printing on various products while using one universal packing foil.

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Hot stamping - thermal printing, thermotransfer printing - TTR, hand markers, stamps, rolling labellers, INK JET printers, HQC - Hot Quick Coders, point marking, single use and refillable industrial pens - all these principles could be applied in industrial labelling.

We supply all consumables for the full range of labelling and marking machines: coding hot stamping foils, thermotransfer foils (WAX, WAXRESIN…), HOT INK ROLLS, inks and colours, steel, brass and magnesium printing plates, numberers. Characters and letters of various shapes and materials, rubber sets of numerals and letters, single use and refillable ink rollers...

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